Educação Infantil

Avenida da Barreira Grande, 534
Jardim Colorado - SP
(11) 2216-4135

Fundamental e Médio

Avenida da Barreira Grande, 598/626
Jardim Colorado - SP
(11) 2918-5038


Welcome to the Emanuella dance school!

Learn more about the best dancing studio in the town!

In the recent years as one of the oldest dancing studios in both the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis, we’ve grown to diversify the dancing styles lineup we have to the widest extent…
The changes volatility that our studio has faced is especially drastic, considering that we’ve been established in the mid-’80s, which had whole different fashion trends going on then in the dancing styles regard…
That was the reason why we’ve expanded our Latin dances dramatically over the last 10 years, just as well as why we’ve added a Hip Hop & Contemporary as well as Jazz, Swing & Jive dancing Classes…

Nevertheless, we always wanted to comply with which exact dancing routines were in the biggest demand among our attendees at any given time.

If we break those down by dancing styles, our most popular staples include:
… and so many more!
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There’s no other time, like the summer for starting to get your dancing moves on! With the summer weather allowing for a more upbeat and open-minded attitude and mood, just as well as with the weather being fitter for outdoor and indoor Classes, chime in!

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